Maya Violet Kerr

Game Developer & Technical Artist
(+61) 434 130 672

Employment History

July 2017 - Present
Developer & Technical Artist on Necrobarista (unreleased)
My work on Necrobarista involves working with the team's artists and designers to develop custom graphics technology implementing the unique art-style of the game.

July 2016 - Present
Lead developer on VU Scout for Victoria University

August 2015 - June 2016
CTO of Metaverse Makeovers
As CTO of a small startup, I worked closely with the CEO to develop proof-of-concepts for new technology, audit and optimise our backend infrastructure to minimise ongoing costs, integrate partner technology and services as part of business relationships, and many other responsibilities.

January 2015 - August 2015
Lead Developer on The Gardens Between at The Voxel Agents
As development lead on this project I worked closely with our art and design leads to provide and refine the tools we needed to create a game that met our high standards. Some examples include:

  • Design, implementation, and iteration on artist and designer facing tools for animation, scene-creation, and automation of art & design workflow
  • Implementation of effects & shaders to create a unique visual style while remaining performant on low-end mobile hardware

March 2014 - December 2014
Associate Lecturer & Course Coordinator for Games Programming at SAE Institute, Perth Campus

As the course coordinator I was responsible for creating and delivering the games programming curriculum at SAE Perth. This involved creating and presenting tutorials, lectures, and other educational content, as well as devising and assessing student assignment, and mentorship of final-year student 'studios'.

March 2012 - December 2014
Lead Developer at Stirfire Studios

Developed Mobile free-to-play title Dead End Alley
A commissioned game for Meijer Creative, I was responsible for the development of the original prototype and the complete game. This involved strong collaboration with the artists on the project to achieve the desired look of the game, and the design and implementation of several custom systems including:

  • Designer-facing tools for creation of enemy behaviours
  • Art-driven procedural animation for unique variation in enemy appearance
  • Effect and art pipeline design for dynamic mesh 'dismemberment'
  • Cross-platform In-App-Purchase implementation
  • Performance and memory optimisation for low-end mobile hardware

Developed multi-platform title Freedom Fall
Freedom Fall won the 2013 WA Screen Award for Best Game and was nominated for Game of the Year and Excellence in Design at the Australian Game Developer Awards 2013
A major project for Stirfire using Lua on top of MOAI SDK, I was responsible for the design and implementation of game and UI logic, as well as underlying systems such as:

  • Asset and metadata loading
  • Scene management
  • Dynamic platform/control-method sensitive UI
  • Performance and memory optimisation for low-end mobile hardware
  • Client-side interfacing with custom metrics server, Amazon services, and Steam services such as achievements, leaderboards, and cloud saves

Over the course of the project I was also involved in non-development tasks such as promoting the game to both public and press at several games conventions including PAX AU and Unite Australia.

Developed mobile title Gorilla Wars
Small scale commissioned project developed on a tight 2-month schedule. I was responsible for the estimation of development time and for the implementation of the client's design using MOAI and Lua.

January 2010 - June 2011
Lead Developer at Spinfast
Worked on mobile sports titles Spinfast Cricket and Sal Masekela Snowboard
Developed with Unity using C# in Visual Studio and Monodevelop IDEs
During the development of these titles I was responsible for implementing several key systems, including a data-driven live updating menu system for Snowboard, the client interface for player stats tracking and a dynamic interactive tutorial in Cricket, and semi-automation of the import process for art assets in both titles.
In the course of this I experienced modifying open-source .NET libraries RestSharp and Awesomium to support the restricted functionality of .NET in Unity for iOS.

December 2009 – January 2010
Research Assistant at the iVEC UWA Facility


2007 – curriculum completed 2011, graduating 2017
University of Western Australia

Bachelor of Computer Science double major in ‘Computation’ and ‘Entertainment Technologies’

Skill Summary

  • Languages: C, C#, Lua, Java, Javascript, CG, GLSL
  • Libraries & Frameworks: MOAI SDK, CUDA & OpenCL, OpenGL, Node & Express, MongoDB
  • Development Tools: Unity, Visual Studio, Monodevelop, Git
  • Experience with Agile and Scrum methodologies, and the Gitflow version management model
  • Working knowledge of many other languages, tools, and methodologies

Other Experience

2007 to Present: Active member of local game development communities, regularly attending community events including game jams, pitch and showcase events, and social industry mixers


Brendan Ragan
Director, Stirfire Studios
0403 072 984

Kati Elizabeth
Former Product Manager, Metaverse Makeovers
0416 069 225